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境•形視系列6 編舞者徵選 Dec.10 ,2022 2:30p.m.、7:30p.m.;Dec.11,2022 2:30p.m. 907Theater 開始報名
境•形視系列4異度空間 2020/12/12-12/13;3 907 Theater Ended
境形視Ⅱ 2018/12/28-12/29;3 Pingtung Performing Art Center Experimental Theater Ended
Fallow Program 2018/09/28-09/29;2 Tainan Native Theater Ended
907 Kilometers 2018/04/06-04/07;2 National Performing Arts Cemter-Experimental Theater Ended

Theater work

1.Pre-rehearsal basic precautionary measures
(1) Assist the stage layout, venue layout, clean the stage
(2) Clothing easy and convenient, all black, mainly wearing black shirts and pants, sports shoes
(3) Confirmation of the work of each post before the show is about to begin

2.Basic notes during the performance
(1) Please follow the instructions of choreographers, executive producers and art administrators
(2) Do not enter the stage area without permission
(3) If you enter the background area, should try to avoid disturbing the performance team, complete the work as fast as possible
(4) Keep a high degree of vigilance and listen to orders at any time. If unexpected situations should be immediately reflected to the art administration

3.Stage etiquette
In order to maintain a good performance quality and the correct state of affairs, as a behind-the-scenes workers, please be sure to observe the following etiquette
(1) Turn the phone to mute ,shutdown or place a rest area
(2) Do not jump or climb directly from the stage, please take the stairs on both sides
(3) Keep quiet, do not make noise, laughing

4.Service instructions
*Service attitude
(1) Pay attention to grooming: manners appropriate polite, standing back straight, do not sit on the goods, always pay attention to manners. Wearing clean, tidy, mainly to facilitate activities. (mainly wearing pants, sports shoes)
(2) Generous action and attitude, polite manner, with a smile.
(3) Enthusiastic service for the audience put ourselves thinking, active service, take the initiative to care for the safety and needs of the audience.
(4) Rapid response: If the audience has any questions, should be dealt with immediately, if it is a problem that individual can not handle with it, immediately ask the person in charge of the unit to handle.
(5) Punctuality: In accordance with the duty time to the assembly point, do not temporarily absent, late, leave early, and indeed devoted to work during working hours.
(6) Maintaining the environment: Initiative to maintain a clean and tidy environment, properly dispose of personal trash and keep the work area clean and tidy at all times during work.
(7) Calmness: In the event of an emergency, do not let up your mind and cause unnecessary panic among the people. You need to calmly and surely guide all your audiences to a safe place.
*Emergency evacuation
(1) The front desk administration contacted the stage supervisor, after confirming that it was necessary to evacuate the audience, all service personnel was informed by the front desk administration the location of the safe gathering place.
(2) Except for the staff who responsible for the evacuation of the audience, the others staff should open the emergency exit and remove escape obstacles.
(3) The stage supervisor announced the emergency evacuation to the audience and informed the front desk administration that the entrances and exits such as the auditorium should be immediately opened and all service personnel should guide the audience to leave in sequence.
(4) Evacuation process, all service personnel should try their best to stand high, with flashlight, raised their hands, loudly guide the audience evacuation direction, and to remind the audience to stay calm, with the guidance of the departure and particular attention to the elderly audience's safety.
(5) After all people arrive at the safe gathering place, the stage supervisor and the front desk administrator will count the number of people and grasp the situation on site so that the next decision can be taken.